[GREY] SPORTY Armband+ Key Holder for SAMSUNG S3/S4/4.7-5 inch smart phone

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[GREY] SPORTY Armband+ Key Holder for SAMSUNG S3/S4/4.7-5 inch smart phone
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Ships from Hong Kong. Secure Your Device in a comfortable stylish way! The ultra-comfortable and stylish Sports Armband is a different option for people on the go. Now you can carry your portable device everywhere while protecting your screen from scratches and nasty drops. The armband offers a sleek design while the comfortable adjustable strap provides for a universal fit. The clear cover provides convenient access to the touch screen. Listen to your tunes while burning calories. Built-in key holder is a secure feature to hide your gym key! Precise cut-outs allow access to earphone jack. Seize the moment and arm yourself with the perfect 3-in-1 case today! Maximum Arm Circumference 40 CM=15.7 inches while Minimum Arm Circumference 25cm=9.8 inches. Material: PU; Colour: Grey. The Sports Armband with touch screen works through the clear cover. Built-in hidden key holder to help you minimize carrying extra things when hitting the gym. If you have a custom case on your iPhone it will not fit unless you take the case off item is made to fit phone only.

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