Desktop Ultra-Quiet And Creative Mini Cute Portable USB Fan Blue&Pink

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Desktop Ultra-Quiet And Creative Mini Cute Portable USB Fan Blue&Pink
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Ships from Hong Kong. When the temperature rises staying cool is a necessity. Without properly regulating your own temperature you can experience dizziness headaches and increased levels of stress. All of this can negatively affect your performance at home or work. Don't let the summer heat ruin your day! Perfect for people who work in office or if you're working late nights on your desk at home in the intense summer heat. No outlets required! Our fan is USB powered so just hook it up to any computer laptop or general USB port and you're on your way to extreme refreshment! Get one in black blue grey or red to match your room's decor! Colorful cartoon representation crushed nasty heat interesting and useful small electric fan to go hot summer irritability remove sense. Bright trendy colors. A great choice for the office or the dorm room. Dimensions: High 20 cm; Wide 19 cm. Weight: 478g. USB adapter and ultra quiet. It is easy to use ideal for home or office. Durable soft plastic fan blades which prevent injury. Durable Lightweight & Portable; Easy to carry anywhere.

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